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So Weekly | July18, 2023

New in @So: Something Borrowed

From Jacquemus to Zimmermann and from Prada to Charo Ruiz. Something Borrowed offers a growing selection of hand-picked community-driven fashion items, expert styling advice and access to a premium lifestyle. The platform is fully online and available throughout the Netherlands. Customers receive a comprehensive size guide based on different body shapes and can receive real-time advice via WhatsApp on whether a particular item will fit them. A unique high-end slow fashion concept with a seamless rental experience. By renting from Something Borrowed, customers contribute to reducing carbon emissions for the planet. The packaging is compostable, plant-based and reusable, and proudly carries the eco-friendly label. Exclusive, high-end items, with a very clear, accessible approach and message. Buy less and still have a wardrobe that is and remains in rotation, by renting a power look easily and fluidly. Something Borrowed makes high-end designers accessible and slows down the fashion cycle considerably.

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