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So Weekly | October 2, 2023

Elisabetta Franchi fashion week report

How the Dutchies ruled Milan…

Milan Fashion week. A fashionable spectacle where the crème de la crème of fashion come together. But what do you get when you combine Elisabetta Farnchi’s Milan Fashion Week show with Dutch gezelligheid? A stylish (Olcay we see you!) blast we tell you. Our So Team (Grazie Chelsey & Masha) awaited their Dutch guests, took them to their A-list seats and had a perfect view of another (semi) Dutchie: Merlijne Schorren. Gorgeous pieces, lots of pasta, hand gestures, heels as high as they could carry us and hair on fleek. Amongst this whirlwind of fashion innovation, it was the Dutchies who ruled Milan!

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