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So Weekly | December 13, 2023

New in @So: Björn Axén

In 1963, Björn Axén returned from Paris, trained by the legendary Monsieur Alexandre, and opened his first salon in Stockholm, bringing Parisian glamour to Scandinavia and significantly elevating the region's hairstyling standards. This move solidified a lasting high standard associated with his high-end label, even 60 years later. His clientele quickly included the Queen of Sweden, and by 1984, when the first Björn Axén products launched, he was honored with a royal warrant from the Swedish court. After Axén's unexpected death in 1993, his protégé Johan Hellström, alongside Peter Hägelstam, took over, honoring and expanding his legacy.

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, Björn Axén is now the top-selling premium hair care brand in Scandinavia, with over 30 million products sold and a portfolio of 80 professional items. Under Johan's leadership as owner and CEO, the brand enjoys an 85% brand recognition in Sweden and has expanded to 16 markets. Continuing to offer the 'royal treatment' to the public, perpetuating the Björn Axén legacy.

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