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So Weekly | April 9, 2024

New @So: Sorelle

At Sorelle, the Italian word for “sisters”, everything is about simplicity. The founders, two sisters, have made it their mission to support women in their menopause, both physically and mentally, with natural supplements . The supplements are carefully designed to seamlessly fit into women's daily routines and alleviate hormonal discomfort. 

We are you
There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding menopause, such as the belief that menopause and its associated symptoms only occur after the last menstruation, while in reality, the transition period often begins many years earlier, sometimes as early as the mid-thirties. During this time, women may experience various symptoms, including mood swings, concentration difficulties, sleep problems, and changes in libido. These symptoms are caused by fluctuations in hormonal balance. Sorelle sees the menopause as a period of empowerment and opportunities for personal development and self-discovery. "We are you" is Sorelle's motto, because all supplements are developed by women, for women. The goal of Sorelle is to promote the well-being of women in menopause. Their products are specially formulated for better sleep, concentration, libido, and energy and are packaged in recyclable pouches, to reduce plastic usage. Sorelle feels like a big sister: warm, honest, and reliable. So you follow her advice, right?

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