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So Weekly | May 28, 2024

Livera receives sustainability certification from Thuiswinkel.org

Livera is one of the first webshops in the Netherlands to receive the sustainability certification from Thuiswinkel.org. 

Through initiatives such as reducing returns, using more environmentally friendly packaging, and raising awareness among consumers, Livera demonstrates that it is possible to combine body fashion with responsibility. As one of the first Dutch webshops to participate in the pilot of Thuiswinkel.org's new sustainability certification, Livera proves that its commitment extends beyond selling quality body fashion and empowering women with a positive self-image to taking serious steps towards more sustainable operations.

The, on the 11th of April, certified online stores were assessed on six sustainability themes: strategy, circular economy, product offering, packaging, delivery, and returns. With this independent certification, Livera's dedication to sustainability is now officially recognized, allowing consumers to see that Livera meets ambitious sustainability standards. This underscores Livera's commitment to providing consumers with multiple tools for sustainability.
from left to right: Terry Hommelberg-Hoogsteder | CSR Manager bij Livera,  Martine ter Veld | E-commerce & CRM Manager at Livera, Marlene ten Ham | General manager at Thuiswinkel.org,  Paul Nijhof | Chair at Thuiswinkel.org

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