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Case: De'Longhi Terrazza [Product Launch]

De'Longhi Terrazzaa coffee-tasting experience

At the De’Longhi Terrazza event, we brought the essence of Italy right to the heart of So Studio and therefore the heart of Amsterdam. With the ambiance set to Italian (think charming fountains, lush lemon trees, and stunning floral arrangements), guests felt transported to an idyllic terrace, despite being indoors. Amidst this backdrop, attendees enjoyed a sensory journey through a coffee tasting experience, featuring the new Rivelia machine that lets you swap beans to suit your taste. Adding to the Italian street scene, an ice cream cart served delightful affogato, while our coffee workstations, manned by skilled baristas, allowed guests to craft their own (iced) coffee recipes feat. plant-based milks by Alpro and a variety of their syrups, catering to all preferences. Further enhancing the experience, our climate room showcased De’Longhi's climate control technology, from air conditioners to mobile heaters and dehumidifiers and live illustrations by Noortje den Oudsten captured the essence of our guests in unique, artistic keepsakes. At De’Longhi’s Terrazza, every detail was crafted to ensure a premium, Italian, and our shared love of coffee—the true black gold

The results

27 movers & shakers including Jade Anna, Kelly Spronk, and Trijntje Oosterhuis, along with 39 media representatives from outlets such as LINDA, Quote, and Parool visited De’Longhi’s Terrazza for a bakkie and so much more. All our guests created: 
74 Instagram stories,  
9 Instagram posts and 1 YouTube video.

Total reach: 12.109.173

Total PR value: €254.043

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