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So Weekly | June 20, 2024

Lyko Beauty Games

Welcome to a night of glamour and competition at the Lyko Beauty Games! Hosted in the for the occasion transformed into an arcade So Studio blending beauty-themed challenges with exclusive touches. 50 influencers and press relations competed in lively activities like life-sized Jenga with Olcay Gulsen Beauty and super size bowling with Bjorn Axen bottles, cutting a bob Anna wintour would approve of with Mermade Hair and Guess who? with Silk’n led masks all while enjoying music and vibes by DJ Janna Nieuwenhuijzen, Lyko beauty touch-ups by Michelle Nouws and hair by Fabiënne Jansen. The evening was a dazzling showcase of creativity and style, leaving each attendee with a luxurious goodie bag and us with a “yes we did it again” smile on our faces.

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