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New in @So: AMAKIN

Growing up, traveling around, meeting new people, Amal realized that scents, perfumes and fragrances can invoke conversations, memories, and experiences. Scents can be associated with a particular time and place, where we were, and who we interacted with. It can remind us of experiences over which we still hold deep feelings for years after! Scents […]

New in @So’s portfolio: Madre

A greed for the good, an eye for others, the neighborhood and the world. Madre, which opened earlier this year in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district, is part of a positive change. The plant-based restaurant embraces the people who are at the cradle of a collection of small revolutions. Join Madre and meet these local heroes, the […]

A mindful experience with Authentic Beauty Concept

Celebrating Spring, get togethers and the newest mindful additions to the ever expanding Authentic Beauty Concept product range. Wouter de Jong took our minds to the gym, RAE Blooms got us flourishing and the vegan spread by Feisty Feast was well feisty indeed. Brand ambassadors, new friends of the brand, beauty professionals and press united […]

New in @ So: JoHeath

Buying a bag is often seen as a guilty pleasure. But not JoHeath’s bags and accessories, those are all pleasure, no guilt. The sustainable, luxury label, with a special love for the swallow, is dedicated to designing timeless pieces made with ethically sourced materials (like fish leather!) – fashionable designs that leave no trace. Certified […]

Luisa Cerano: Dry Indigo & The Denim Project

With “The Denim Project” Luisa Cerano launches a sustainable capsule collection with real jeans classics. The collection consists of a selection of hand-picked denim basics, which have been given a modern upgrade with new cuts. This makes “The Denim Project” twice as durable: the subtly used effects and timeless silhouettes make the pieces real fashion […]

As seen on screen…KAZE

KAZE face masks inject personality to our new daily necessity. Coming in a range of different color hues and sizes, KAZE balances quality, comfort and style. This combination has made KAZE the brand of choice among celebs looking to style their new accessory with their latest look.  The brand, new in our portfolio @So, has […]

New in @ So: Jane Lushka

The Netherlands based brand, Jane Lushka, does not have a complicated story or strategy, it is a mentality. Driven by curiosity and ambition, sisters Jane & Lushka Iskroff run a family business in Amsterdam named after the creative duo themselves: Jane Lushka. When people first hear the brand name they usually think it’s a single […]