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Floris van Bommel: The Flapper sneaker

At the end of January, Floris van Bommel conducted a crowd design on social media, involving his followers in making 10 design choices for his ultimate sneaker. To add an interesting twist, Floris’s dog, Flapper, was also given the same choices and ended up designing a furry sneaker with floppy ears and a tail, showcasing […]

New in @So: Sunday Natural

Sunday. The symbol for rest and rejuvenation, a time for healing and recovery. Inspired by the purity and growth symbolized by the lotus flower, Germany’s Sunday Natural, founded in 2013, expertly blends scientific insights with holistic and nutritional wisdom. They specialize in the purest forms of nature’s aids: superfoods, supplements, and essential oils. Sunday Natural […]

Jasper Suyk launches Dear Future Me,

Katja, Holly-Mae, Loiza, Jessie-Jazz, Kim, Geraldine, Lauren, and Jennifer, literally and figuratively naked. An ode to the female body and the mental journey associated with it. Vulnerable, real, pure, personal, unique. With “Dear Future Me,” photographer Jasper Suyk invites twenty-eight women to expose themselves. Both literally and figuratively, by photographing them at their most powerful, […]

New in @So: Björn Axén

In 1963, Björn Axén returned from Paris, trained by the legendary Monsieur Alexandre, and opened his first salon in Stockholm, bringing Parisian glamour to Scandinavia and significantly elevating the region’s hairstyling standards. This move solidified a lasting high standard associated with his high-end label, even 60 years later. His clientele quickly included the Queen of […]

Sparkling x Quinty Trustfull: the Hidden Gem Collection

It is not difficult to understand why this is the perfect match (hint: they both *sparkle* like no other). Sparkling and Quinty Trustfull combine their creative forces in the Hidden Gem Collection. Unveiling the Ya’an Green Jade – a stone as unique as ywe all are, handpicked from the charming city of Ya’an by Quinty […]