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“There’s no need to wear a fur coat for our vanity.” – Elisabetta Franchi Always active in the defense of animal rights through the support of a wide range of initiatives for their protection, the Italian designer and animal lover has finally brought them all together into a single project: the ELISABETTA FRANCHI FOUNDATION. A […]

New in @So Méa Méa

“Leather & silks.” Welcome to the world of Méa Méa, a reflection of everything the brand stands for and what its founder believes in. Méa Méa is a modern niche leather & silk brand of superior quality, founded in 2020 in a protected nature reserve in the south of the Netherlands. The brand is inspired […]

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A simple hello could lead to a million things, but a complicated dance routine could also lead to some good old teambuilding (next to it leading to a lot of fun). With a broad range of employees with many different backgrounds and from many generations we’re always up for a challenge and try to keep […]

TENWAYS, the accessible e-bike for everyone

“Energized urban rides.” Born out of a love for the environment, a passion for cycling and a need for change. TENWAYS fulfills a collective dream to make high-quality e-bikes accessible to everyone, creating an enjoyable, effortless, fast and above all environmentally friendly riding experience. The young company, founded in 2021, came about after a successful […]

New in @So Marcus Elizabeth

Angelo Carlo Marcus Elizabeth (his friends call him Angelo and we will too from now on) was born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curaçao, where he grew up in a strict and strict environment. His grandmother raised him and gave him the opportunity to study and develop himself. At a young age, Angelo decided […]

LaDress paints the city of Amsterdam lilac

Posters that appear in free places to activate opinion or propaganda have long been associated with life in the big city. It’s the city’s most common means of finding audiences by creating pop-up ad spaces where traditional media are hard to reach, think: old city centers, creative hubs and popular (shopping)streets. LaDress chose wild posting […]

The De’Longhi Coffee Lounge

The De’Longhi Coffee Lounge is where finding new coffee roasts and the latest on your favorite brew is simple and easy, and purchasing beans even easier. Simply scroll through a selection of some of the finest roasters and join De’Longhi on their journey to discover a world of unique taste experiences. Haven’t learned enough about […]