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Case: STEVE MADDEN Beyond Borders [International influencer event]

another So production 

When good things come together, great teams combine and the stars just align. Where Long Island met Amsterdam and New Yorker Steve Madden met Dutchie Ronald van der Kemp.

Steve Madden’s Beyond Borders event by the numbers:

88 influencers from 20 countries and 30 top European buyers filled 128 hotel rooms. 10 buzzing event locations welcomed our group with open arms, slick dance moves and 200+ vegan sliders, mimosas or crab raviolis. 1 TikTokker's 6.8M followers catching every moment, 1 international celeb and their 9-strong entourage setting the vibes. 200 press slots and 1 fiercely sustainable Dutch designer taking the stage. 749 press clippings in 24 hour days that felt way too short (we needed at least 48-hour ones). 3 strippers, a night in jail, 1 (or more we’re not telling) peepshow, 30 runway-ready, yet streetcasted, models showcasing 30 looks created by an endless supply of paper. A 3-day whirlwind ending in that 1 monumental catwalk moment. 

Here's to our wildest ride yet!

A summary of two amazing days



Television RTL Boulevard

Print & online articles


In total these days resulted in 588 Instagram stories, 270 Instagram posts, 11 online articles, 17 TikTok videos, 1 YouTube video, 2 printed articles, and 1 television program 

EARNED MEDIA VALUE: € 3,664,823.-
TOTAL REACH: 169,947,380