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So Weekly | February 14, 2024

Floris van Bommel: The Flapper sneaker

At the end of January, Floris van Bommel conducted a crowd design on social media, involving his followers in making 10 design choices for his ultimate sneaker. To add an interesting twist, Floris's dog, Flapper, was also given the same choices and ended up designing a furry sneaker with floppy ears and a tail, showcasing Flapper's unexpected talent as a designer. Floris insists he didn't influence Flapper's choices, stating: "I don't have to explain to Flapper how to design a beautiful shoe; I have better things to do."

The Flapper sneaker
Flapper's sneaker is made of a plush teddy fabric, perfectly matching her own coat in four delightful shades. Playful pink studs grace the sole, reminiscent of Flapper's paw pads. Rather than the typical owner's name, the tongue and side labels proudly bear the moniker "Flapper van Bommel." Adding a playful touch, the lace hole sports a tiny white dog paw instead of the usual F. Flapper's signature ears, which she does not always use properly herself, are prominently featured. And for the pièce de résistance lift the cognac-colored tail on the heel to reveal a cheerful pink rubber 'poop hole'—a detail so absurdly charming, even Flapper herself couldn't resist a wag of approval.

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