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Case: FLURESK [4-Phased Micro-Influencer Program]


a young Dutch women’s label with a globetrotter allure. With the brand’s on-trend items one would imagine itself in laidback Los Angeles or provide any look with that certain je ne sais quoi Parisiennes are known for.

Fitting to FLURESK’s brand values and objectives we at So PR found just the right fit in terms of influencers to set up an online campaign with.

Storytelling is key in any type of communication, so in different phases we did just that, telling FLURESK’s story through different faces and phases - all coordinated by our dedicated online marketing team.

4-Phased Marketing Funnel activation

Key Objective

With the sole goal to create or increase brand awareness, we use the power of repetition. Meet the 4 phased influencers program. 10 Micro-influencers shared their FLURESK story while promoting this new brand. Keeping the 4 phases of the marketing funnel and the power of repetition in mind and considering the fact we had a limited budget to work with, our communication plan resulted in the following 4 phases:
- Timeframe of this activation: 4-6 weeks, posting weekly or bi-weekly
- Number of micro-influencers: 10
- Social media channels: Instagram Stories, Instagram feed and Instagram Reels
- Goal: Triggering and inspiring the influencer’s fanbase and make the brand a top of mind position in its target group
- Investment: Obviously for their eyes only yet we would love to make a measure made quotation for your brand depending on your personal wishes and objectives

The Activation Phases

Phase 1 | create awareness by introducing the brand and products 

Influencer tools: FLURESK introduction box with 2 items and a FLURESK gift
Postings: unboxing on Instagram Stories

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Phase 2 | create interest by telling the brand story

Influencer tools: Shopping credit for influencers to choose their favorite items
Postings: How to wear on Instagram Stories with swipe-up/link in bio to the website

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Phase 3 | create desire by the power of repeating the story and products and create a call to action

Influencer tools: Shopping credit for influencers to choose their favorite items
Postings: Post on Instagram feed and Instagram stories “look of the day” with swipe-up/link in bio to the website

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Phase 4 | create a call to action by promoting the webshop through managing a give-away collab with the fanbase of the influencers and let them spread the word

Influencer tools: Giveaway of 2 vouchers (for you and your girlfriend construction) 
Postings: Post Instagram feed and Instagram stories

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Facts & Figures

With a total of 10 micro-influencers we created 87x Instagram story’s and 24x Instagram posts which resulted in:
Growth in following of a NEW brand [starting from scratch], Instagram page. In one month, this page has gained more than 4.000 followers;
During this influencer campaign, major traction results have been achieved, which succeeded at converting traffic into paying customers;
In one month, the influencers accomplished a total reach of 209.149 views on their posts/story’s;
A gained media value of €87.004 in total.