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Case: Collistar 40-year anniversary [take over, guestlist]

Celebrating 40 years of beauty innovations

In 2023, Collistar marked its 40th anniversary with a spectacular celebration, under the banner "Let's Celebrate 40 years of beauty innovations with us." We curated an exclusive guest list, ensuring the presence of 80 notable attendees for a unique influencer and press event held in a breathtaking canal house at the heart of Amsterdam.

This event not only celebrated four decades of beauty milestones but also transformed the venue into a mini Collistar museum. As guests journeyed through the venue, they were taken on a chronological tour of Collistar's product evolution, from its inception 40 years ago to its latest innovations. Each exhibit was staffed by experts ready to share insights into the products' rich heritage and technological advancements.

The event was enriched with interactive experiences, including a makeup masterclass, a UV machine demonstration for effective sunscreen application, and a game offering the chance to win Collistar prizes.

Every guest departed with a personalized goodie bag tailored to their skin type, ensuring the celebration of beauty innovation continued beyond the event. 


4.862.923 people will surely not forget Collistar’s next big birthday. 

Earned media value

€ 255.543

Media highlight

At the event we welcomed: Telegraaf, LINDA, &C & Vogue amongst others.

The event in numbers

Our 80 guests produced: 135 Instagram stories, 13 Instagram posts, 4 TikTok videos & 1 online article.