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case - Lidl Edible Cinema event  [Brand Awareness]

A culinary journey through "The Holiday”

Imagine stepping into a film where taste and story merge. That's exactly what happened at the Lidl Edible Cinema event in Amsterdam. Together with Lidl we transformed a (photo)studio into an immersive cinema, projecting the early 2000’s favorite "The Holiday", while serving the very dishes seen on screen. An intimate gathering with 30 guests of the press (&C, Telegraaf, Lekker500) and 60 influencers (Amijé Roos, Julia Hortsen, Manon Tilstra), experiencing the magic of the movies like never before. The finale? A mini Lidl store where guests shopped for no cost, bringing a piece of the story home. From DIY gingerbread houses to simple condiments, it was all up for grabs. This was one of those moments where all elements of what we do came together: event planning, producing, social strategies and classic PR all in our very own mix fusing film and food. 
The goal of the event, next to overall brand awareness for Lidl, was to be extra visible in this Holiday season, perfectly in tune with the launch of their big Christmas collection.

The results please…

We reached 12.030.296 people with this one day event.
Earned media value:
€464.966 in media value was earned.
90 guest provided us with:
144 Instagram stories
13 Instagram posts
7 Snapchat stories
5 TikTok videos
& 3 YouTube videos