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Case: So Beauty Drops [in-house Beauty event]


in-house Beauty event

From the collaboration of well-respected beauty brands to the captivating ambiance, engaging content, and the expertise of our dedicated team, the So Beauty Drops was a remarkable celebration of beauty and PR expertise hosted at the So PR headquarters.

The So Beauty Drops brought together 16 beauty brands under one roof, creating a unique platform for networking, collaboration, and showcasing their latest products and innovations. This collaboration fostered a sense of community and further strengthened the credibility and reputation of the participating brands. 
//invite So Beauty Drops

visual appeal

The event was thoughtfully designed with picture-worthy corners designed by @the_house_of_artz, offering guests and attendees the perfect backdrop for capturing memorable moments. These visually appealing elements not only enhanced the overall experience but also encouraged attendees to share their experiences on social media, generating organic buzz and exposure for the event and participating brands.
//Selma Omari

Guest speaker Selma Omari

Influencer and host, Selma Omari, curated a captivating Speaker Edition, bringing her industry expertise and charm to engage the audience. Through insightful discussions the Speaker Edition added value to attendees and established the So Beauty Drops as a platform for knowledge-sharing and inspiration.

the guestlist

With a target of 80 guests, the So Beauty Drops surpassed expectations by hosting 120 influential individuals. This included a diverse mix of press representatives, both online and offline, prominent influencers, and celebrities from the beauty industry. The extensive reach and influence of the attendees amplified the event's impact, expanding brand exposure and creating opportunities for future collaborations. The attendees reach total of 26,6 million individuals on their online platforms.
//Juultje Tieleman
//Kim Feenstra
//Nina Warink
//Mascha Feoktistova
//Anna Nooshin
//Bibi Jane Angelica & Ginney Noa

direct results

During the day influencers created content of all the beauty brands, but this is not where it stopped. After the event, the influencers started working with the new launches, and shared their favorites with their fans online.

raving reviews

The So Beauty Drops was an extraordinary beauty event that exemplified the strength and capabilities of So PR. The successful collaboration between beauty brands, the visually appealing ambiance, the engaging content, the exclusive guest list, and the expertise of the So PR team were the driving forces behind the event's buzz.

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