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Case: Dear Future Me by Jasper Suyk [Book launch]

Jasper Suyk launches
Dear Future Me

An ode to the female body and the mental journey associated with it. Vulnerable, real, pure, personal, unique. With "Dear Future Me," photographer Jasper Suyk invites twenty-eight women to expose themselves. Both literally and figuratively, by photographing them at their most powerful, gentle, and free, but also by posing a critical question: Who are you really? Compelling images are underscored with letters, written by Katja, Holly-Mae, Loiza, Jessie-Jazz, Kim, Geraldine, Lauren, and Jennifer (amongst others) themselves, addressed to their future selves. We were lucky to work “pro-bono” on this project offering our PR support for this coffee table book with proceeds going 100% to 3 female empowered causes: Pink Ribbon, ActionAid & Return to Sender. The results please… 
Sold out
Just after the press release was sent out all 2000 first print editions were sold (out).
At least 40.821.759 people must know about this important project.
Earned media value:
€141.000 in free publicity was earned. 
(Online) articles:
40 news outlets - Parool, Telegraaf, Shownieuws, Jan Magazine, LINDA. & Libelle.
TV appearances:
1 television appearance – Shownieuws
Out of Home:
In addition, we have also executed an Out of Home campaign worth 27k.

some of the online Results

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