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case - BILLION AVENUE  [4-Phased Micro-Influencer Program]

Meet Billion Avenue, an Antwerp based, female owned, innovative jewelry brand.

When new times called for new measures, Billion Avenue opened its first self-service store, responding to current shopping measures. In these uncertain times for retail, in which several lockdowns have already been tough on business, the online Belgian jewelry brand succeeded to keep growing. By devising a new way of shopping that fully meets today's requirements.

Earlier, the brand already introduced a cashless and contactless shopping experience by launching its own vending machines filled with jewelry gems.

Happy designs with an eye for innovation, with that in mind a custom Influencer Program was created.

4-Phased Marketing Funnel activation

Key Objective - Creating or increasing brand awareness through the power of repetition, and while doing so introducing Billion Avenue to the Dutch market.
For Billion Avenue we made a custom version of our 4 phased influencers program. 6 (Micro-)influencers shared their Billion Avenue story in 4 phases. While using a very limited budget and some shop credit, that could be used to create different looks, posts and stories with, the upcoming 4 phases were created.

Facts & Figures

- a total of 6 influencers posted 64x stories and 12x posts
- together the chosen 6 have reached 121.300 followers
- in return of a small fee and shopping credits a total media value of €94.634 was gained 

Phase 1 | Unboxing - influencers introduce Billion Avenue to their followers 

Deliverables: IG Stories (minimum of 2x)
// IG Stories @amarenns
// IG Stories @rosasofiakolen
// IG Stories @rosasofiakolen

Phase 2 | Mix & Match - showing that all Billion Avenue items are sold individually so that endless combinations can be made. Storytelling about the brand and their USP: as many combinations as you’d like possible. Creating interest is central here. 

Deliverables: IG Stories (minimum of 2x, 1 of them with a swipe-up)
// IG Stories @amarenns
// IG Stories @robineblinckman

Phase 3 | Desire - in this phase a true 'desire' is created and the first call to action is made by adding a swipe-up link to the stories. In addition, next to the stories, a permanent IG post will be posted that inspires followers how to combine the Billion Avenue items. 

Deliverables: IG Stories (minimum of 2x, 1 of them with a swipe-up) + IG Post: dedicated post
// IG Stories @amarenns
// IG Stories @ophelievita

Phase 4 | Call to action - at this stage, another and final call to action is made along with the launch of Billion Avenue's new Spring Affair Twenty One collection that launched that day (a limited-edition collection featuring the spring must-haves). For this, all influencers have reposted the teaser of Billion Avenue, posted stories with a swipe-up link and tagged the brand in an IG post where Billion Avenue is visible, so that it comes up in an organic way. 

Deliverables: IG Stories (minimum of 2x, 1 of them with a swipe-up) + IG Post: tag in a post
// IG Stories @amarenns

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