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Case: Danish Design [4-Phased Micro-Influencer Program]

Danish Design


The very latest Danish Design watch is an ode to 1988 - the start of the brand 33 years ago. Then the very first model of this watch manufacturer appeared, which was the first brand to introduce Scandinavian-oriented watches.

With the new Nostalgi 1988, Danish Design celebrates its rich past. The 1988 model was updated to 2021 and reflects the zeitgeist of both the 80s and today. The new watch is very similar to the original model, but with a modern edge and the technology of today.  

4-Phased Marketing Funnel activation

Key Objectives

Creating content while working on building a community and showcasing its heritage. With the tools of a small fee and watches to gift we created a custom made 4-Phased Influencer Program for Danish Design’s NOSTALGI 1988.

Facts & Figures

A total of 7 influencers posted 99x stories and 15x posts. Together the chosen 7 have reached 101.682 followers. In return of a small fee and gifted watches a total media value of €110.850 was gained. 

Phase 1 | December, one to remember - both an introduction to the watch as a way to showcase the NOSTALGI 1988 as the perfect, personal present. To kickstart the campaign and this collaboration a festive breakfast at Pulitzer was held to help create even more content.

Deliverables: IG stories: Story haul + Q&A

Phase 2 | December, like it's 1988 - we asked the participating influencers a question: “What does 1988 mean to you?” And in return the influencers asked their followers the same.

Deliverables: IG stories: (minimum of 3x, 1 of them with a ‘Question’ sticker) + 1x IG Post

Phase 3 | January, storytelling - through the compilation of detail shots the influencers share what aspects of the watch specifically speak to them.

Deliverables: IG Stories: minimum of 2x with a link-sticker

Phase 4 | January, you wear it well - in this phase influencers show how they style their NOSTALGI 1988 by using more detailed shots and outfit posts.

Deliverables: IG Stories (minimum of 1x) + IG Carrousel Post (dedicated post)