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case - De’Longhi Perfetto [Influencer Program]

Perfetto, from bean to cup

De’Longhi creates unique coffee experiences. Its coffee machines meet the diverse needs of coffee lovers around the world thanks to their technology, design and the option to customize the drinks they serve. From the single-origin coffee bean to the most premium ground coffee, De’Longhi allows you to have coffee served just as you want it by simply pressing a button on a super automatic machine or replicating what a barista would do with the manual solution. 

De’Longhi Perfetto campaign featuring: Brad Pitt

Press; editors, journalists and the most influential movers and shakers were invited to Hotel De’Longhi (on other days known as Hotel Boat & Co) by a mysterious Mr X. As the word is out we know now that X stands for Pitt and Mr stands for Brad. 24 hours were spent exploring all things coffee. From a barista workshop, espresso martini hour until a run through of their newest home addition: a De’Longhi coffee machine. The grand reveal of Pitt being the foam on everyone's cappucino of course. All in honour of De’Longhi newest Perfetto campaign and the ongoing rebranding of the company.

Influencer program

Key Objective - Making the audience of many different target groups aware that De’Longhi is the worldwide Nr. 1 in premium coffee making and keeping that place.

To stay top of mind and create awareness in different target groups a variety of Influencers, TV-personalities, professional athletes and musicians were carefully sourced to gain as much coverage as possible.  

Phase 1 | What is your perfetto moment? - The influencer of choice was asked to share their perfetto moment with their followers & ask them the same question in a playful way, creating interaction.

Phase 2 | What does coffee mean to you? - A deeper dive into everyone's personal coffee moment. Asking: what does coffee really mean to you? For some it’s their lifesaver to get through the day, others coffee reminds them of a special moment in life. 

The results please

By bringing together a unique group of people, all with their specific group of followers, a different demographic and target media that fits their audience best, a total of 10 influencers posted 64x IG stories, 5x IG feed posts and 2x IG reels. De'Longhi was named in 3 YouTube vlogs. Together the chosen 10 have reached 2.121.100 followers on Instagram and 28.840 subscribers on YouTube. In return of a fee and gifted coffee machines a total media value of €421.843 was gained. 

Many more (on- and offline) publications

The glorious event, press release covering Brad Pitt as the newest face as well as the accompanying campaign, many coffee machines and De’Longhi’s history and future goals together resulted in many (on- and offline) publications creating brand publicity for De’Longhi as a brand to keep in mind then, now and in the future.

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