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Case: Unfold.art [Art Exhibition launch]

Unfold.art | audiovisual light art installations SORA, by artist duo NONOTAK, in partnership with Cultuurdorp Westergas.

Unfold.art is a revolutionary art concept that offers a unique form of art experience by stimulating all the senses. This is achieved through immersive art, a light art show featuring innovative artists in the fields of art, technology, new media and music. The idea behind Unfold.art is a traveling concept, with a renewed show in Amsterdam serving as the starting point each year and the show traveling to blackbox locations around the world during the year.

This year Unfold.art brought one of the new audiovisual light art installations called SORA, by artist duo NONOTAK, in partnership with Cultuurdorp Westergas. SORA invited the audience to go both completely inside themselves and outside themselves and was experienced at the Gashouder, Amsterdam.


To bring SORA to the attention of a wider audience, So PR began a PR campaign five months before the show's premiere. The goal was to create media coverage in different categories, such as fashion, business, culture, family and art press, in the form of both print and online publications. Several big spreads were published in the biggest newspapers and magazines in the Netherlands, among which De Telegraaf, Volkskrant, FD persoonlijk, and JFK magazine. Unfold.art x SORA appeared as 'must see' in the December and January print editions of Marie-Claire and Grazia. Besides, TROUW, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Het Parool, Amayzine, and many more included SORA in their weekend tips.
In addition, the artist duo NONOTAK were interviewed by a journalist from De Telegraaf, who attended the show's preparations in Stockholm. This resulting publication highlighted SORA and highlighted the possibilities, development and future of light art. All of these results were achieved due to the close relations between So PR and the large variety of press and news outlets.  
//Unfold.art report in daily newspaper De Telegraaf
//Unfold.art in FD Persoonlijk 
//Unfold.art in JFK Magazine
//Unfold.art online at HetParool.nl
//Unfold.art online at DeTelegraaf.nl
//Unfold.art online at FHM.nl
//Unfold.art in daily newspaper De Volkskrant
//Unfold.art in weekly magazine Grazia
//Unfold.art in weekly magazine Marieclaire
//Unfold.art in online at Trouw.nl
//Unfold.art in online at deVolkskrant.nl


To generate even more publicity, So PR arranged that the daily late-show JINEK was broadcasted live from Unfold’art in Westergas. Founder Jeroen Fontein and Naut Donders were invited to talk about the light show SORA, while NONOTAK showed a piece of the show. This generated as many as 680,000 television viewers, all due to the power of PR.


So PR also organized ten online giveaways to increase the buzz around the show.


In addition to the publications and TV appearances, So PR provided the guest list for the premiere of SORA, which was attended by more than 300 people from Amsterdam's influencer and movers & shakers scene. During this evening, "FOMO" (Fear Of Missing Out) was created to ensure that SORA would remain in the audience's memory for a long time. After the premiere of SORA, So PR also provided an aftercare press release with the first 'real' images of the show.



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