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case - Livera Sleepover  [Brand activation]

As a part of the French Chantelle lingerie group, Livera was a trend-setter for the current paradigm shift within the fashion industry. While many other brands were promoting an ideal body type, Livera focuses on real and authentic bodies. Livera is there for EVERYONE, no matter what your gender, age, size, or wishes are. Their focal point is female health and a balanced lifestyle, which can be experienced in every Livera retail point.

Beauty appears in many shapes.
Beauty is who we are,
from the inside and the outside.
Reveal Beauty.

On the 25th of April,
Livera turned Hotel Mercier into a sleepover party with a close community full of inspiring women.

The entire two days were in the theme of promoting good sleep with the loungewear collection from Livera. It was our mission to add some new faces to the close community of influencers who work together with Livera on a long term in order to create a diverse atmosphere. The final group consisted of twelve inspiring women who contribute to female empowerment and self-love in their own way. All together the group has an online reach of more than 350K, a great start of the two days ahead.

Mindset coach Wouter started the sleepover off with mindfulness coaching to break the ice and instantly create a group bonding. Afterward, the group gathered again to enjoy a well-planned dinner full of sleep-promoting ingredients. To end the night calmly, Jolijn assisted a peaceful yoga class after which everyone could enjoy the key ingredient of the event: sleep. In the morning Mevrouw Cha prepared a comfortable tea ceremony after which everyone checked out to continue daydreaming about the event. 

Brand activation

Key Objective - Gain brand awareness for the Livera loungewear collection | Create a close community of inspiring women | Increase exposure to Livera’s Instagram page (@liveranl)
The sleepover contained a variety of different activities, all focusing on good sleep, self-love, and female empowerment. This resulted in many organic opportunities to create content based on their target audience. Altogether, the sleepover event resulted in 146 Instagram stories | 4 Instagram posts | 4 Instagram reels | 3 TikTok videos | 1 YouTube mention
In total the event resulted in a gained media value of 276.192 EUR.

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