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Case: Tanrevel [launching on the Dutch market]

Over the last 2 years, we have been working together with Tanrevel to bring the tanning revolution from Sweden to the Netherlands. Tanrevel is a self-tanning device which provides users with a streak-free natural tan within seconds. The evolution from the Tanrevel ONE (the first edition) to the Tanrevel PRO (the latest edition), called for a big activation to result in brand awareness and direct sales. 
From January 2021 onwards, we collaborated with big faces such as Monica Geuze, Rianne Meijer, Dilan Sabah, Xelly Cabau van Kasbergen and Roxeanne Hazes to show their audiences the newest tanning device. A trial activation grew overtime in monthly collaborations with the biggest faces in the social media world. On diverse social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, the influencers introduced their followers to Tanrevel. While spraying the Tanrevel liquid, the influencers told their personal stories of why they specifically use this self-tanner. This resulted in direct sales and community building. In return for a fixed fee we reached millions of Dutch self-tan lovers. 
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Tanrevel started its success in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and was for that reason a fully online shop. After two years of building up a close community of clients, it was time to introduce in-person points of sale. Our next part of the activation. The Bijenkorf being the biggest chain of high-end department stores in the Netherlands, was therefore the perfect match. To celebrate the first in-person point of sale in the Netherlands, we built a pop-up shop in the Bijenkorf flagship store in Amsterdam together with an exclusive breakfast with the Tanrevel influencers. 


An intimate breakfast with 12 Tanrevel influencers, reaching over 3 million followers together, gave them the chance to meet the Swedish Tanrevel team. Followed by a fun quiz and a masterclass, they were immersed in the wonderful world of self-tanning. Afterwards they were the first to see the pop-up shop downstairs while the rest of Amsterdam stepped foot in the Bijenkorf. This intimate breakfast moment resulted in a total gained PR value of 188.000 EUR due to the 35 posted Instagram stories.

//some of the direct results

To increase even more awareness for the first in-person point of sale, we collaborated with additional influencers. They were also invited to the pop-up shop to create content and try out the products. 

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