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Case: Collistar Masterclass [guest list, take-over]

Founded in Milan in 1983 and part of the Bolton Group, the Collistar beauty brand is active in Italy and over 45 countries. With 18 years of leadership, it is Italy’s best-selling brand, representing the essence of Italian beauty.

While the Collistar Magic tanning drops are an essential for the Dutch influencer community, this event highlighted the new “Impeccable" make-up range. Our task was to create a tailor-made guests and stay in close contact with the influencers, do the after care, and provide Collistar with the online photo and video clippings of the event.  

The Objective

- Education about the Collistar make-up collection
- Community building
- Launch of the new Impeccable range
- Build a special corner for content creation

In total, the guest list consisted of 17 beauty and lifestyle influencers with a total reach of more than 2 Million followers on TikTok and Instagram. The list includes a broad range of Gen Z influencers, but important faces with a loyal long-term following were also present. 

Everyone was invited to the Vondelpark, where a fun and educational night was ahead of them. In the 1,5 hour long masterclass, the make-up expert who has been working at Collistar for over 12 years taught the influencers some key tips (which they can later replicate in their own content). They were all gifted the essentials from the general Collistar collection, after which they could select their personal favorites from the Impeccable range. We cannot wait to see the influencers apply the taught tips in their new content!

The results

In return for an invite to the event and a goodie bag, this activation resulted in a total gained PR value of over 190.000 EUR consisting of:

- 64 Instagram stories
- 2 Instagram posts
- 1 Instagram reel

These are solely the clippings from the event itself, we cannot wait to see the influencers use the Collistar products in their new content. 
//Instagram report #Georgina.Gigi >>

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