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case - ICI PARIS XL  [Beauty Press Event]

With just a few days before the lockdown would start in Amsterdam we kept our distance and chose hand kisses over hugs during our latest biannual ICI PARIS XL event. 

An event set up in such a way that the attendees will for sure get the most out of their time. This year, yet again, a combination of cult, popular and worldwide known brands were represented in one big space. Next to ICI PARIS XL’s own brand and its exclusive brands: BE Creative Make Up, Intimacy, ONLY YOU and Scento were Jeffree Star, Philosophy, Filorga, Urban Decay, Browgal, IT Cosmetics, Maison Margiela, Novexpert, Queen Tarzi, Qiriness, Philipp Plein, Perris, Dunhill, Hollister also well represented.
What was also well represented was the crowd, amongst them was a great mix of top influencers like Hodan Yusuf and Stephanie Tency as well as well respected journalist like De Telegraaf’s Kim Querfurth, Vogue’s (amongst many other titles) Karen van Ede and Glamour’s Saskia van Langevelde, to name a few.

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We hear you thinking okay that’s nice and all but let’s talk facts, okay here they are. After the event a number of 413 press clippings, features, mentions, IG stories and posts were published by both the attendees as well as the ones who couldn’t make it yet received the pre-prepared press package instead.

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