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case - GIRL by ROCHAS  [4-Phased Influencer Program]


Girl for Women by Rochas was released in 2021. With its aroma highlighted by a bouquet of fragrant powdery, balsamic and sweet floral scented tones it will bring a bright, romantic and calming perfumed sensation. But first and foremost it’s the scent of a generation that will make you FEEL GOOD.

4-Phased Marketing Funnel activation

Key Objective

Making a younger target group of early adaptors aware of Rochas as a brand and of course the Fashion house’s newest scent: Rochas Girl
The scent had already been launched in Italy but the Dutch market and its influencers are very different to Italy. Therefore, we suggested letting 5 selected (by us) influencers post 4 times to launch this new, fresh scent. Alternating between a feed post (or a reel) and a story with a swipe up. This to limit the budget per influencer which gave us the opportunity to use influencers with a larger audience. This 4-Phased Influencer Program was completely custom made for this launch.

Facts & Figures

A total of 5 influencers posted 10x stories, 16 feed posts and 1x TikTok video. Together the chosen 5 have reached 415.700 followers on Instagram and 697.500 followers on TikTok. In return for a fixed fee a total media value of €109.601 was gained.

Phase 1 | Feel good, eat good - both an introduction to the scent as a moment to draw their followers in, influencers share what they eat to feel happy 

Deliverables: IG Post (contest) + IG Story (announce contest on story)

Phase 2 | Feel good with a good workout - a link to feeling good this time through working out, influencers share their favorite workout 

Deliverables: IG Post + IG Story (with a link-sticker)

Phase 3 | Feel good sensations - now that the audience is well aware of Rochas Girl on the market, influencers take it a step more personal and share their preferred methods to relax 

Deliverables: IG Post + IG Story (with a link-sticker)

Phase 4 | Feel good, act good - keeping up with the feel good theme, but pushing it a little step further, influencers share how they act good and what they do for our beloved planet 

Deliverables: IG Post + IG Story (with a link-sticker)

TikTok collab with #Rhodekok 

Key objective: Making Rochas and their newest scent: Rochas Girl visual on TikTok and a know name for the users of the app. Rhode Kok, with over 700K followers on the platform, was a perfect match to spread the word.
Targeting a younger demographic and a different platform the 4 phases used on Instagram were combined into 1 TikTok video and crossmedia boosted using IG stories with a swipe up link for direct sales. A new, fun and fresh way of creating content.

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