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Case: STEVE MADDEN x DURAN LANTINK [Amsterdam Fashion Week]


presented by Duran Lantink

On the second day of AFW Edition 2022, the famous Moulin Rouge lent its location to a night of fashion. For this special occasion, Dutch designer Duran Lantink brought his own clique of performers to present the Steve Madden Fall/Winter 2022 collection in a way only Duran could have thought of.  
As we walk down the stairs, a piercing red laser follows our steps as we get seated around a character crouched on stage with a mask and bra that shoot red light across the space. The show is about to begin when the music builds up and transitions to a hostile sound that ticks away. The first performer ventures themselves around the pole, whilst their 13-inch heels lit up red in sync with their moving limbs. Part of the crew were the legendary Virgen Maria, Christian Jav, Angel-Ho, Xiomara Virdó just to name a few; when Duran curates, he makes sure to get the right people to do the job. Artist Be Be made everyone step aside when they strutted through the narrow hallway in nude lacquer ankle boots. As the night went on, mirror-like open-toe stilettos, rhinestone pumps, and heeled creepers fuse itself with the performers’ presence.

The objective

This fashion show was a great opportunity for us to alter Steve Madden’s brand image in the Netherlands. This performance showed the Amsterdam Fashion Week audience that Steve Madden is also associated with high-end fashion brands.  

The results

To reach the biggest audience possible with this performance, Steve Madden had dinner with a small group of influencers and celebrities who organically posted about the evening.

Together a total of 16 talents joined Steve Madden for dinner at Bellezza, reaching a total of 4.1 million people. 

Later this event continued with the fashion show where additional celebrities, influencers, and press were invited to. All in all, this resulted in a total gained PR value of over 280.000 EUR consisting of:

- 98 IG Stories
- 2 IG Posts
- 4 IG Reels

//Instagram report #Famke Mesman >>

As this was such a big moment for Steve Madden, the press also picked up on the activation. 13 Press outlets including Vogue, Elegance, the Telegraaf, and the Volkskrant wrote articles about Amsterdam Fashion Week, all dedicated to the Steve Madden x Duran Lantink show. Even RTL Boulevard discussed their initial thoughts about the show on national TV, let us say they were extremely excited about everything to come.

The media picking up the AFW show resulted for an additional gained PR value of over 30.000 EUR. 
We look back to a night where fashion shifted, people united, and Steve Madden gained another victory.  

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