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case - Liu Jo [360 degrees campaign]

Liu Jo

Born as a small textile industry, it was our mission to bring the wonders of Liu Jo from Italy further into The Netherlands. The Marchi brothers founded the company in 1995 and as of today, Liu Jo has more than 350 stores focusing on pret-a-porter fashion. The Liu Jo style concept evolved to a brand which enhances all aspects of femininity. After choosing Kate Moss as its new brand ambassador in 2011, the brand expanded internationally and became more glamorous.

The campaign was made out of three components:
1)  Out of home campaign
2)  Influencer marketing
3)  Retail on a local scale

360 degrees campaign

Key Objective - Create brand awareness in the entirety of The Netherlands

1. Out of home | Even though Liu Jo’s home is not in The Netherlands, we brought her even further away from home. Besides Amsterdam, where Liu Jo is commonly known, she now also got exposure in Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, and Maastricht. OHH LIU JO.

Results | Billboards in the biggest Dutch cities where Liu Jo stores are already at place and a total media value of more than € 120.000,- was gained

2. Influencer Marketing | Liu Jo stands for high fashion and pret-a-porter; who fits this better than Lieke van Lexmond and Roos van Dorsten (A.K.A. fashion icon Moderosa)? These two basically live and breath Liu Jo! 

Results | Lieke van Lexmond (393K followers)
Requested deliverables: 1x IG feed post + min. 1x IG story
Actual deliverables: 2x IG feed post (of which 1 carrousel post) + 2x IG story
In return of a fee and gifted items a total media value of € 49.000,- was gained

Results | Moderosa (213K followers)
Requested deliverables: 1x IG reels, 1x IG carrousel post & a minimum of 3x IG story
Actual deliverables: 1x IG reels, 1x IG carrousel post & 6x IG story
In return of a fee and gifted items a total media value of € 68.000,- was gained

3. Retail on a local scale | As Lieke van Lexmond is one of the biggest Dutch celebrities, she used her voice to spread the word of Liu Jo outside of the big cities. Together with 12 Liu Jo retailers, spread out all over The Netherlands, Lieke promoted the denim collection from Liu Jo. The power of social media from the local retailers was utilised to encourage people to shop their personalised Liu Jo jeans.

Results | Lieke van Lexmond created 12 personalized videos which every retailer was encouraged to share on their social media channels. This resulted in an additional media value of € 8.000,-, reaching a very engaging and defined audience.

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